IBOS was founded in 2005 with the core aim of researching and crash testing of road restraint systems. IBOS works together with leading manufacturers of road safety systems, developing and producing prototypes of road safety barriers in addition to testing ready-made solutions.  At IBOS we are passionate about road safety and believe that all road restraint systems installed on the road should be rigorously tested for safety through crash tests. We believe that our activities contribute to improving road safety in Poland and further afield.

An important role in the Institute's work focuses on infrastructure and security. For the purposes of tests we have at our disposal:

  • A monitored testing area covering 11,000 sq m
  • Social facilities for both customers and employees
  • A winch which allows vehicles to accelerate at speeds of up to 120km / h
  • A universal test area
  • ICT infrastructure
  • Technology to determine the center of gravity of the vehicle
  • A workshop for preparing test vehicles
  • Parking and secure storage yard

We actively care for the safety of both our employees and clients during tests.

  • In order  to do so we have:
  • Exclusion zones protected by concrete and steel safety barriers
  • A Fully automatic video recording system in the impact zone
  • Protective embankments
  • Traffic lights and sound
  • Implemented and monitored safety procedures